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Amazonite Bracelet

Amazonite Bracelet

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Amazonite Bracelet
Available in Mix-Color Amazonite Bracelet, or Green Amazonite Bracelet, each with Copper Spirals to enhance and help transmit the stones' energy.


Spiritual Meaning & Energetic Properties

The soothing yet powerful energy of Amazonite gives a sense of peace and balance as it calms anger and releases negativity.  This stone benefits all levels of consciousness and encourages truth, courage, and self-discovery.  Amazonite heals and opens the heart and throat chakras to enhance loving communication.  It dissipates negative energy and blockages in the nervous system, and soothes emotional trauma by alleviating worry & fear.  A powerful filter, Amazonite blocks geopathic stress & electromagnetic pollution, and absorbs microwave and cell phone radiation. This stone calms the brain & nervous system, balances masculine & feminine energies, and aligns the physical body with the etheric to maintain optimum health.

One of the oldest geometric shapes found throughout the ancient world are spirals. Petroglyphs of spirals date back to around the Neolithic period, and ancient cultures throughout the world carved the same symbol with little or no communication with each other. The spiral is fundamental to nature, appearing on animals such as the snail, seashells, and occurs in natural phenomena such as whirlpools, hurricanes, tornadoes and spinning galaxies. The Spiral is a sacred symbol that represents the journey and change of life as it unfolds; taking a labyrinth-like passage that leads to Source. The spiral symbol can represent the consciousness of nature beginning from its center expanding outwardly. Spirals have been linked to nature, the seasons, and the path of life: birth, growth, death and reincarnation, and according to Carl Jung, the spiral is an archetypal symbol that represents cosmic force.

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