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Vanessa George, Owner & Designer of Gem Vibrations Jewelry

Our Owner/Designer

Vanessa George

Aloha! Warmest Mahalo to you for visiting!

I'm Vanessa George, owner & designer at Gem Vibrations Jewelry LLC. I have been grateful to live on the Big Island of Hawaii since 2007, having been born and raised in Utah. My deep love for crystals and gemstones blossomed from making jewelry for myself into a thriving small business selling handmade jewelry, crystals and gemstones.

I also own and operate Aloha Healing Hale, and I have worked in the healing arts since 2012 as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Energy Healer, Vibrational Sound Alchemist, and Crystal Healer, and felt that sharing crystals and their healing energies through jewelry is just another way to share that love and healing energy with the world.

The energetic healing properties that all crystals and gemstones hold has led to the creation of very unique, beautiful and highly energetic jewelry  pieces that support the wearer personally, in very powerful and healing ways. With this beautiful natural gemstone jewelry you will enhance your visual aesthetic, and will be supporting all levels of Your Self, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual (energetic), helping you to function from your highest space. 

Custom jewelry pieces are a cornerstone of my business.  Natural gemstones offer such a wide variety of healing benefits in that custom pieces can be made for any purpose from helping with anxiety or depression, to self worth/image issues, weight loss support, fatigue, trauma support, headaches/migraines, chronic issues, mental clarity/focus/ADD/ADHD, and everything around and in between. 

If you have any specific need I can help with, please contact me

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