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Wire Wrap Pendant- Larimar

Wire Wrap Pendant- Larimar

$55.99 Regular Price
$44.99Sale Price

Larimar Wire Wrap Pendant 

Larimar polished stone, approx 1" x 3/4" angular cut, wrapped in an uncoated square and half round copper wire.  Pendant includes a black cord 18-20" adjustable necklace. 

Spiritual Meaning & Energetic Qualities

The highly ethereal vibrations of Larimar open your energies to new dimensions, stimulating evolution and ascension. This beautiful ‘dolphin stone’ radiates love, peace, and promotes tranquility, good for use in deep meditation. It naturally raising consciousness by harmonizing the body and soul to new higher vibrations. Spiritually empowering, it removes fear and dissolves boundaries that have contained the spiritual self and guides the soul onto it true path in life. Powerful yet soothing Larimar removes self-imposed blockages, dissolving self-sabotaging behaviors, especially martyrdom, and encourages taking control of your life.  Larimar brings serenity and clarity, calm and equilibrium, balances emotional extremes, and heals heart trauma and reconnects you to your natural joyful childlike energy. Larimar is an earth-healing stone, connecting to the earth goddess Gaia, and helps all women to re-attune their innate femininity through connection to nature. Larimar’s powerful cleansing ability will detach entities from the third eye, heart, or solar plexus chakras and stimulates the crown, third eye, throat, and heart chakras and promotes self-healing. It is especially useful in dissolving energy blockages in the chest, head, and neck.

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