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Amazonite w/Silver Hamsa Earrings

Amazonite w/Silver Hamsa Earrings

$27.99 Regular Price
$22.99Sale Price

8mm Green Amazonite with 4mm Green Amazonite in Silver Hamsa hand charm. Matching necklace Amazonite Half Mala found and sold seperately in the SHOP


The soothing yet powerful energy of Amazonite gives a sense of peace and balance as it calms anger and releases negativity.  This stone benefits all levels of consciousness and encourages truth, courage, and self-discovery.  Amazonite heals and opens the heart and throat chakras to enhance loving communication.  It dissipates negative energy and blockages in the nervous system, and soothes emotional trauma by alleviating worry & fear.  A powerful filter, Amazonite blocks geopathic stress & electromagnetic pollution, and absorbs microwave and cell phone radiation. This stone calms the brain & nervous system, balances masculine & feminine energies, and aligns the physical body with the etheric to maintain optimum health.

The Hamsa hand depicts the open right hand, and is an image recognized and used as a sign of protection in many cultures throughout history, the hamsa is believed to provide defense against the evil eye. The wearer of the hamsa hand can wear it facing up or down as either is thought to give the owner success, harmony, and protection. 

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